2,4,6,8, Who do we APPRECIATE?

Authors that’s who!
There are so many authors that we appreciate so we’ll try our best to post about these special humans this week. Since this week is Author Appreciation week we’ll join in.

Stephenie Meyer. Girl we love you. We appreciate your talent, your dreams, your mind and your pen (or computer most likely)! You’ve brought to us a whole new world. One we’ve never been a part of. In fact a few worlds we’ve never been a part of.

  • Vampires, Werewolves and even Aliens
  • Obsessive 30 something moms
  • YA Paranormal Romance
  • Midnight Release Parties
  • DVD Release Parties
  • Dressing up as Fictional Characters, when it’s not even Halloween

Without you, our homes would most likely be much much cleaner than they are.  With out you our conversations would not ALWAYS end up the same way, fighting over teams. Without you our husbands would not have to make sure to be in town on specific dates so that we can go wait in line with a bunch of teenagers at midnight to watch our love/lust fictional characters on screen. Without you women everywhere would still be Brad Pitt and George Clooney fans and without you we would have extra money. Because we know where all of our extra money is spent. We would never in our lives order 2 DVD’s of the same movie especially $80 worth or would plan a trip to see a place in a book that is fictional.  I mean we know the characters (yes we know that they are not real) are not there but we really want to go immerse ourselves in the place and see the places that we have seen through your books.

Let us also not for get the Fan Fiction your books have started!

For Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Midnight Sun(partial draft) and The Host, and most of all for Edward we thank you Stephenie!

Cassandra Clare, your world of Shadowhunters, downworlders, witches, demons and unrequited love brought a whole new level to the paranormal.

The Mortal Instruments Series drew us into this world and never really let us go.  The new words that you brought to our thoughts like: mundies, stele, ruins.  What creatures are Jace and Clary going to meet next and how are they going to defeat them?  Who is Clary going to pick, Simon or Jace?

We can’t really go on with what we were going to say,  don’t want to spoil it for people who haven’t read all of the books yet.  All we can really say to you is thank you and keep writing, Kim and I are waiting on pins and needles for the 4th book and we are also eagerly waiting for the Infernal Devices Series to come out.You are a very talented and imaginative lady.

For City of Bones, City of Ashes and City of Glass we thank you!

~Shannon and Kim

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