Author Appreciation Day 2

Today we want to appreciate 2 more of our favorite writers.

Maggie Stiefvater Maggie brought us Sam and Grace through her novel SHIVER. She shows us what life long love is all about. Not to mention werewolves are involved. A whole pack of them.  She totally swept me, Kim, into this world of coats and scarves and mittens. Hoping the temps won’t fall below 34.  She makes us long to find a yellow eyed creature to connect with. One that shows us how to use our senses on another level than we’ve ever used them before. For me, she’s made me view the fall and winter in a whole new way! We are looking forward to LINGER, next in the series.

Thank you Maggie. We love your stories!

Becca Fitzpatrick‘s first novel Hush, Hush drew us into the world of Nora and Patch, Fallen Angels, murders, kidnappings  in a cold and foggy town in Maine.  Becca grew up reading Nancy Drew novels under the covers when she was a kid and developed her love of mysteries and storytelling into a wonderful career as a writer.  Becca, your characters bring mystery and romance to your novel. That’s part of the reason we appreciate you. Your story hold much intrigue for us reading it and it’s hard to put your book down.  Thank you for letting us into this mysterious and dark world and giving us hours of enjoyment, anticipation and love.

The sequel to Hush, Hush, Crescendo is due out in November of this year, We can not wait to see what happens next for Patch and Nora.

Thank you Becca.

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