Book Blog Hop Friday!

It’s book blog hop friday! Brought to us by Crazy for books! This is our very first week to be involved. We hope to find some really good book blogs.

If you’ve never visited here before, we are a book club podcast. We podcast bi weekly with some fun extras thrown in, like author interview. You get to hear them answer our questions in their own voice. YAY. ┬áPlease check out the podcast and leave us some feedback. We’re new, we’ll get better, we ┬ápromise! We just need a little feedback to help out that process.

Here are the blogs that have already signed up for the hop:

4 thoughts on “Book Blog Hop Friday!

  1. Hi! I’m stopping by on the Hop! It’s great to find some fellow Twilighters! I’ve been about to explode waiting for the new Eclipse trailer! Love your blog!

    You can check out my Blog Hop post here, if you want =)

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