Kindle vs Real Books


I mentioned in our last regular podcast about how I’m not really sure about my Kindle reader.  I like the convenience factor of it and that books are cheaper for it, also there are many free book choices.  I am not sure that I enjoy it as much as diving into an actual book.    I know you all saying you can dive into the kindle too, Shannon.  Don’t you feel like there is something missing? The thrill of opening a book, the smell of walking into a  bookstore and sitting and getting absorbed in the story, turning the pages and wonder what comes next.  So Kindle and non Kindle users, tell me your opinions, let me have it, I can take it.  What do you like about the Kindle and how can I enjoy it more.


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2 thoughts on “Kindle vs Real Books

  1. Shannon, I’m with you. I don’t own a Kindle but that has been my biggest struggle about getting one. I love the experience of going to the library or bookstore and searching for just the right book. Holding it in my hands, hearing the spine crack just a wee bit. Ah, it’s intoxicating! Good luck with the debate you are having with yourself!! HA!

  2. I LOVE my Kindle. I thought I would miss turning the pages, holding the book, etc. I even had a large bookmark collection! I do not miss any of it. I read more now than I did before the Kindle. Anyone who stops me when I am reading, I tell them how great it is and how they should get one. I don’t miss the bookstores. Now when I end a book, I can go online and have my next one in a couple of minutes. No having a stack on my nightstand (or not much of one as now I ignore the real books). Vacations are great because no longer do I have to carry three or four books – just the Kindle. If I am only going away for a week, I don’t even need the charger as it easily lasts a week.

    I find that I am reading authors I had no idea about due to Amazon’s recommendations. There are books that were free by authors I did not know anything about and I tried the freebie and got hooked. I then have read everything they had written. To me it has expanded my pleasure reading world.

    Good Luck on your debate but for me……there is no going back!

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