MLL Episode #5 – Shiver

MLL Episode #5 – Shiver Friday April 30th 2010

Do you have a heightened sense of smell or hearing?
Does the forest call to you?
Does the cold make you SHIVER?
Then you MIGHT just be a werewolf, or maybe not!

This month we read the book Shiver By Maggie Stiefvater.  It’s a brilliant story of a girl, Grace, who has a connection with her wolf from the woods behind her house.  Listen in as we share our love and thoughts on this wonderful story.

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2 thoughts on “MLL Episode #5 – Shiver

  1. Great podcast as always. Sad to say the book wasn’t really my thing. Maybe it’s because the romance came on to fast. Then again maybe that’s because all the other paranormal books have the relationship slowly building.I finish cause i was dying to find out if sam changed back into wolf.

  2. True it did happen fast but they have “loved” each other from afar for a long time. Being human together being the first time they could act on it. But I totally understand if it’s not your thing. Glad you enjoyed the podcast. I still <3 Sam 😉


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