The Falling; The Dawning

Listen to the rain.
Listen as it falls and crashes,
Now, lit up by lightening flashes.
You begin to feel my pain.

It’s only a word,
but it fits me perfectly.
There is no other;
No second or third.
Instead I stand dejectedly,
Trying hard to ignore my own misery,
As hollow shouts pass through me,
I just wish someone knew me.

Words of pain.
Common themes in my mind.
But not from my sorrow;
More, how it has affected me; left me blind.

It hurts how easily I am pleased
When others bother to give me any time.
Yet it hurts more when they don’t.
I’ve committed no sin, no crime.
Yet here I am, freezing in sunshine.

Is it just my luck, or
No fault of mine at all?
Should I be here on the floor,
listening to the rain’s bore,
Letting me make my eyes sore?

No more tears.
I’ve given in to my fears.
My heart’s cut out,
In its place; a stone,
There’ll be no more doubt,
I can no longer atone;
For from my skin to my bone,
My bed to my throne;
All the glory I’ve known,
I’ll be forever alone.

Poem by Maestrel

We found the poem here: SOURCE

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