Cassandra has been posting on Twitter

We thought we would share a few tweets.  Some may be spoilers, but if’ you’ve already read the books, you’ll be fine.

  • “have yo ever played a rol playing game? I’m asking ‘cauze Simon was a rol player and i’m curious.” Nope. That was based on friends of mine.
  • “when you came up with the idea for TMI, did you know how it was going to end, or has it since changed?”
  • “do you get to choose the release dates of your books?” Definitely, definitely not.
  • I think my mistrust of happy endings is well known. @barrygoldblatt
  • “did you have to think about the plot for the series or did it just come to you.” Everyone has to think about plo…
  • “if you could give any advice to new wannabe authors, what would it be?” Write what you want to read. And learn how publishing works.
  • “will you write a prequel about valentine and jocelyn and the circle?” Huh, several people just asked me that at once. Probably not, no.
  • “Are we going to see Jace’s b-day in CoFA?” No. Also he is too old to want a spaghetti bath anymore.
  • “Was the end of CoFA planned or just developed as the story was written?”Planned out. I did several outlines till I got the ending I wanted.

And there are many more. You can find her at @cassieclare

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