It’s Blog Hop Friday….

It is Book Blogger Hop Friday so please join Kim and I in supporting our fellow book bloggers.

If this is your first time to our site look around.  We read primarily YA Paranormal Lit and have a twice monthly podcast pertaining to the book of the month.  This month we are reading City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare so feel free to join in.  We also have a Facebook Fan page in which we discuss what we are reading and give update on author and book news.  Thanks for hopping by.

Please leave a comment on the Blog if you visit their site and tell them who sent you there.

Catch ya in the lounge...

4 thoughts on “It’s Blog Hop Friday….

  1. Great post. I read a lot of YA fiction too, and its nice to stumble across the like minded. If you’re looking for books for a future post check out Minder . I have it on pre-order, but from the snippits I have seen it looks amazing. Its set in a school for people with special abilities (not exactly magical) and has both drama and romance.

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