More Books From Bree!!!

Yay one of our favorite authors, Bree Despain, announced today that there will be a THIRD book in The Dark Divine series. We are so very excited! ┬áPLUS we’ll be getting a whole new story out of her too. Extra YAY!

Straight from Bree’s Blog:

It’s officially official:┬áTHE DARK DIVINE is officially going to have a THIRD BOOK!!!!

Yep, TDD is going to be a Trilogy!!!

Like I said, I’ve been holed up in my revisions cave, completely oblivious to the outside world, so when my agent called to tell me that Egmont wanted to buy 2 more books from me (yes, I said 2–more on that in a minute) I was kind of shocked–but elated. I am so happy that Grace and Daniel’s story gets a third installment!! And believe me, some of you would not be happy with me if their adventures ended in THE LOST SAINT.

Also, not only did Egmont buy and Third TDD book, they bought a fourth book from me. However, this fourth book is “unspecified” at the moment. As in, it’s NOT a fourth installment of TDD. But I do have plenty of ideas for what that unspecified book will be about–and I can’t wait to dive into it.

The third TDD book will most likely come out a year after TLS (so in December 2011) and the all new book will probably debut a year after that (December 2012) but only time will tell for sure.

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