Cheaters, Cheaters Pumpkin Eaters

Why do people do this, it really makes me angry.  Screw You Andrew Sims of and who ever leaked you the copy.  Go leave him some choice words.

Scholastic responds to apparent leak of ‘Mockingjay’ ahead of August 24th

August 11, 3:20 PMThe Hunger Games ExaminerSara Gundell

Perhaps one of the most coveted books — and most difficult to find before August 24th — is Mockingjay bySuzanne Collins, the third and final book in the best-selling Hunger Gamestrilogy.

The book doesn’t hit stores until August 24th, andScholastic has been adamant that no advance copies be released to anyone — not even members of the media. Mockingjay is being closely guarded, much as Scholastic did with the final Harry Potter book and as Little Brown did with the final Twilight Saga book. (Collins herself even wrote a letter to fans, asking them to avoid posting spoilers before and immediately following the book’s release.)

But somehow, at least one copy has been leaked to Andrew Sims, the admin for — one of the largest Harry Potter fansites around.

Sims tweeted a photo of the book, sans jacket cover, along with this message:

Thanks to a very kind friend, I’m about to start Mockingjay. Join me on my red eye flight to read along.

But Scholastic insists no advance copies are going out, and they’re puzzled as to how Sims got his hands on a copy.

“We are not releasing copies in advance of 8/24/10,” said Sheila Marie Everett, Collins’ publicist at Scholastic. “Scholastic did not provide this person with a copy of Mockingjay. In fact, I haven’t even read it yet!”

The Hunger Games Examiner asked Sims for a comment, but as of this time he has not responded.

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