MLL Extra Podcast – Interview with Jenna Lamia

You fell in love with our very first interview with Bree Despain.  You were very excited to listen to us chat with Ilyana Kadushin.  Today we will rock your world with this exclusive interview with narrator, actor and writer Jenna Lamia.  Well maybe that’s a little exaggerated but we do think you’ll enjoy this extra podcast.  Listen in as Jenna tells us what it’s like to work with, on and for some special projects.  Namely for being our Grace from the Wolves of Mercy Falls series.

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One thought on “MLL Extra Podcast – Interview with Jenna Lamia

  1. Thanks for the great interview with Jenna Lamia, my all-time favorite narrator. I’m listening to The Adoration of Jenna Fox right now, and first heard her in The Help.

    Nice to hear the behind-the-scenes Q&A. I had no idea that multiple narrators weren’t working together–just never thought about that. Nor did I think about narrators having to do the other narrator’s character’s voice when reading their scenes. Interesting.

    I’ll spend some more time checking out your site.

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