MLL Podcast Episode #20–Crescendo

MLL Podcast Episode #20–Crescendo


This time Shannon and Kim sit down and chat about all things Patch and Nora. Let us know what you think.

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2 thoughts on “MLL Podcast Episode #20–Crescendo

  1. Just stumbled upon your podcast cause i just finished reading CRESCENDO. I loved the book. Also felt this book need a re-read in order to answer the still burning question which i think the book tries to answer. I also love the fact that you guys don’t feel that Nora is annoying. I saw on lots of youtube reviews that people found Nora annoying. I’m glad you guys noticed that Nora broke up with Patch to protect him from getting kicked out by the Archangels and the reason why she was annoyed with Patch was not only because he was ‘dating’ Marcie but in reality is angry that she had to break up with him to protect him not because she didn’t love him any more. What got me going was Patch was reassigned once Nora had a new Guardian Angel but it doesn’t seem like it because Patch is always saving her and helping her out of trouble and Rixon is still a fallen angel.

  2. Thanks Blueangel! Love the feedback and so glad you found our podcast. I hope you enjoy the shows we’ve done so far.

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