MLL PODCAST EPISODE #31 – The Body Finder

MLL PODCAST EPISODE #31 – The Body Finder
Did you know that The Body Finder By Kimberly Derting is a book about a girl who finds bodies??? Well I didn’t either! It’s creepy, it’s loving, it’s scary, it’s enjoyable. Listen in as Kim and Shannon tell their thoughts on this book.

LINKS {*The Body Finder*}{*Graceling*}{*Everlasting*}

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One thought on “MLL PODCAST EPISODE #31 – The Body Finder

  1. Thanks for this podcast. Love listening to your thoughts on the book. I also find the book a little creepy. Yet, at the same time i kinda liked seeing how the killer saw things. Since i’m a girl i couldn’t read this book at night and during the days when i was reading it-it got me looking over my shoulders a few times on the street. 😛
    The romance was interesting. Kinda came out nowhere but isn’t that how love is? One min. everything is fine and then the next you’re like — I think i like the person.
    Can’t wait for your next podcast.

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