A twitter chat with Maggie Stiefvater

I (Kim) was able to join in on a twitter chat yesterday with Maggie Stiefvater in celebration of her new book The Scorpio Races being released.  I wanted to share my part of the chat with all of you.  As you’ll see Maggie is awesome when it comes to answering fans.


@mstiefvater what excites you most about sharing #TheScorpioRaces with us all?  #askmaggie

@MysticLitLounge I really, really want readers to love Thisby, the island. I want them to miss it when the book’s done. #askmaggie

@mstiefvater To whom or what do you attribute your creativity?  #askmaggie #askmaggie

@MysticLitLounge That’s hard to answer in a tweet! It’s curiosity, I guess. Always asking ‘what if?’ #askmaggie

@mstiefvater So do you know everything about a character before you even write him/her?  #askmaggie #askmaggie

@MysticLitLounge Oh, if only. I find out a lot in the first 10,000 words, which is why I hate my books until then. #askmaggie

@mstiefvater Have/would you ever co-author a book? #askmaggie

@MysticLitLounge Hard to imagine . . . I spend so much time daydreaming core scenes, what if they didn’t mesh? #askmaggie

@mstiefvater YES graphic novel pweeeeeeeese. #askmaggie #askmaggie

@MysticLitLounge Hahahha! I have an idea and sketches but the idea’s just not DONE yet. #askmaggie

@mstiefvater #askmaggie Are you going to be involved in the movie at all? #askmaggie

@MysticLitLounge Not in the Shiver movie, no. That might not be true of all projects, but definitely for that one. #askmaggie

@mstiefvater #askmaggie That just doesn’t seem right.  How do you give up your story for interpretation?  #askmaggie

@MysticLitLounge That’s pretty much the standard for Hollywood. Only very rarely does an author get consultation. #askmaggie

@MysticLitLounge In all fairness, most authors are too close to the project to be a good interpreter for films. #askmaggie

@mstiefvater #askmaggie I’ve found Lament at half price books, does that offend you? #askmaggie

@MysticLitLounge Nope. If I don’t love a book, I’ll send it on to the library. I’m not offended the same happens to me. #askmaggie

@mstiefvater #askmaggie When you write do you have to have a large chunck of time or does a few mins here and there work? #askmaggie

@MysticLitLounge I do it whenever I can. I do need to have an hour. And my music on. And no internet. #askmaggie

@mstiefvater #askmaggie how long does it take you to get in the zone to write on average? #askmaggie

@MysticLitLounge I can jump right in if I know what I’m writing. If I don’t know … I need to brainstorm, not write. #askmaggie

@mstiefvater #askmaggie would you ever write a non YA PR? #askmaggie

@MysticLitLounge Possibly? Far more likely than me ever writing something without magic in it. #askmaggie

@mstiefvater #askmaggie BTW I’m dloading #TheScorpioRaces right now into my Audible app 😀 #askmaggie

@MysticLitLounge OOOH I hope you like it. I hand-picked the narrators. #askmaggie

@mstiefvater #askmaggie How do you know when a book you are writing is finished? #askmaggie

@MysticLitLounge Hard to put into words. It FEELS done. The emotional arc of the characters is complete. #askmaggie

@mstiefvater #askmaggie Do you read blog and listen to podcast reviews of your books? #askmaggie

@MysticLitLounge I used to, but it’s impossible now. So often I’m in planes/ airports/ bad internet. They take too long to load & listen to.

@mstiefvater #askmaggie You are a wealth of knowledge and creativity Miss Maggie.  You must know you are VERY loved! <3 #askmaggie

@MysticLitLounge *grin* I love my readers back. You have good questions! #askmaggie

@mstiefvater #askmaggie What is your fav time and place to write? #askmaggie

@MysticLitLounge I like to write at night when the e-mails start slowing down, and on my couch with my headphones on. #askmaggie

@mstiefvater #ask maggie do you know if you will be coming to Austin or Dallas soon? #askmaggie

@MysticLitLounge Not this year, but possibly next year. Hopefully not when it’s 104 degrees. #askmaggie

@mstiefvater #askmaggie Amen Sister! #askmaggie

@mstiefvater #askmaggie How long did it take you to write your first novel? #askmaggie

@MysticLitLounge 1 month. That was back when I was 13 and wrote crappy novels. It does not take long to write crappy novels. #askmaggie

@mstiefvater #askmaggie LOL Ok revise that, make that first published novel. #askmaggie

@MysticLitLounge Haha, four months for the rough draft. #askmaggie





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