Silence is the third book in the Hush Hush series.  Shannon and Kim are left well wanting more.  And Jen joins us for the next five chapters of Breaking Dawn.

What did you think of Silence? Are you planning on going to see Breaking Dawn part one?


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One thought on “MLL PODCAST EPISODE #40 – Silence

  1. I just finished reading Silence over the weekend and just finished listening to this podcast. I agree the tone of this book is different. It’s a bite more action-y but i really enjoyed it. I agree that even though this book didn’t end with a major hanger i think i can hold off till october.
    Just like you ladies I love all the patch and nora moments. And i also wish there was more Vee. At least nora is immortal now. We don’t have to worry about her dying. Wait… I think I have bella on the brain. lol. Nora really never questioned her mortality when she was with Patch…from the beginning.
    Well i can’t wait to hear what you ladies think of the last book when it come out this fall!

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