Book Review by Lori~The Vampire’s Reflection (Of Light and Darkness 2)


The Vampire's Reflection by Shayne Leighton


















Following the resounding victory over Aiden and his Regime, Charlotte and Valek return from Prague to their home in the Bohemian Occult City. This time they are joined by their new family of magical friends. The Vampires revel in the ability to be out in the light of day.  The world seems to have found a tentative sort of peace now that the Regime has been toppled, and the coven of has finally found their freedom.  Charlotte soon discovers  that she has developed a strange ailment of her own.  As Valek and the other Vampires find themselves addicted to Elves blood, Charlotte struggles with and addiction of her own. Her new disease is destroying her body and her mind, and Valek is beside  himself  as he searches for a way to save her life.

Aiden survived the overthrow, but not without changes.  He continues to search for Charlotte and seek his revenge on Valek for what Aiden has now become.   At night, Charlotte dreams of losing Valek.  During the day, she searches every crevice and around every corner to make sure Aiden hasn’t found them.  Happily-ever-after may be further away from Charlotte than it has ever been.

This second installment of the Of Light and Darkness series is better than the first.  There is an overall better attention to detail and it is told with a more natural flow.  There is a darkness in this story that the first one lacks and I feel it creates tension and interest.
Shayne Leighton
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