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There are a lot of werewolf romance novels out there. It’s hard to figure out a way to make them unique these days, but The Tempering does do a good job in setting itself a bit apart from the rest. Mackenzie is turned into a werewolf pretty early on in the book (she’s bitten in the first 10 pages or so) and while there are some stupid actions and decisions that arise from that horrible experience, overall, I really liked her as a character. Case in point: Her arm is nearly torn off and once she gets the wolf that bit her to run away, she watches her arm heal in front of her very eyes and doesn’t even think about going to a hospital. Granted, it isn’t like the doctors would be able to tell her much, but I think (I hope) if that happened to me, I’d get my head examined pretty quickly. I also found the very first few chapters kind of cliché with her researching werewolves, packing up her and leaving Harvard, and then basically travelling the country for a short time on next to no money. Also, if she had almost no cash, how did she afford three nights at a Bed and Breakfast?



Despite those few (very minor) frustrations, I really got into Mackenzie as a character and to the rest of the story. I wasn’t overly fond of her at first, but once we got into the meat of the book (Mackenzie’s struggle to make something out of this life that she never wanted or even knew existed) I liked her a lot more. Be prepared to get a little tired of her mood swings in the first few chapters, but though the emotions run high through the entire book, they’re a lot less childish as Mackenzie deals with what’s become of her.


Of course alpha male werewolves are sexy. That’s a given. This book has two strong males that do not disappoint. I was hoping that some of the other less prominent characters would get some more page time, but that doesn’t mean that they were flat or insipid, just that I wish there were more of them.


I really enjoyed how the story developed into more than just a love story. I’ll warn you (and this is the only spoiler I’ll give), things are not wrapped up in a neat and tidy little bow at the end of this book. It’s kind of a cliffhanger and though you’re not left wondering who gets chosen or who dies or who lives, it is very clear that this story isn’t finished and that there are going to be some pretty significant fireworks that are going to happen as the story continues.


The last 20% of the book is definitely the most exciting as all of the little bits and pieces and breadcrumbs left throughout the book all come together in one interesting reveal. Emotions run high and when the book ends, you’re definitely left wanting the next book right away.


Well written, well edited, and definitely exciting, I’d definitely recommend this book.

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