MLL PODCAST EPISODE #84 – Unbreakable and The Iron Traitor

The Iron Traitor - Julie Kagawa Kami Garcia/Unbreakable

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MLL PODCAST EPISODE #84 – Unbreakable and The Iron Traitor


Shan and Kim bring you a long podcast this time.  Shan talks The Iron Traitor, Kim talks Unbreakable.  They share more books and TV shows as usual and even squeeze in a few Fan Fics.





Night of Cake and Puppets - Laini Taylor The Edge of Always - J.A. Redmerski The Elite - Kiera Cass Coreyography - Corey Feldman  Beautiful Bombshell - Christina Lauren


Shannon’s Fan Fic Rec’s- This week’s rec include a little ActorWard and MarineWard!!!!


I Was Nobody Once By: cutestkidsmom

Bella Swan was always an average girl, but when tragedy strikes she finds herself pulled into a world of lights, camera, action and mayhem. Will she let Edward’s love lead her through the storms or will the darkness claim her. Romance/ Angst/ Drama. AH. Some non Canon coupling.



Tip of the Spear By: Robsmyyummy Cabanaboy

The “tip of the spear” – in the military, they are the front line; the initial attack that draws first blood. As a CACO in the United States Marine Corps, Capt. Masen delivers that leading blow, too. He’s often faced with handling the collateral damage this life can bring. He’s accepted that love & commitment aren’t for him…until she opens the door.

Catch ya in the lounge...

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