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Alexa’s world is going up in flames, literally and she has only her Brother, Marcel, to protect her.  Cutting off her hair and making people believe she and Marcel are twins is the only way to keep her out of the breeding houses that King Hector has.  Alexa or now Alex does have one thing going for her, she can fight with the best of them and that leads her to being part of the Prince’s Elite Guard.  She thought that she kept her secret well hidden but the people she is closest to know.  Alex’s world falls apart again when her brother dies and there are things in the works that she doesn’t not understand. She also does not know who to trust.


Ms. Larson created a world full of mystery and magic.  The plot she weaves keeps you guessing until the end and the descriptive scenes generate wonderful visions of lush tropical landscapes you are almost sweating along with the characters.  Speaking of the characters, they are fully developed and intriguing.  I cannot wait for the sequel to learn what happens between them.  This is a great debut from an equally awesome author.











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I love writing, reading, and dessert–but the order varies by the day. I wrote my first book in second grade about a woman who had a premature baby, complete with a “to scale” drawing of the baby’s size–while my mom was pregnant. To say I was a bit precocious is putting it lightly. Now that I’m an adult, I write books for teens that have magic and romance and kick-butt girls (and very few premature babies). I live in Utah with my husband, two young sons and baby girl. I write during naptime and the hours when most people are sleeping. My  husband claims I should have a degree in “the art of multitasking.” On occasion you will find me hiding in a bubble bath with a book and some Swedish Fish. I am represented by Josh Adams of Adams Literary and my YA debut DEFY is coming January ’14 from Scholastic!




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