Book Review- The Medea Complex by Rachel Florence Roberts



Oh wow, I was not expecting that!  This book went way out of my realm of reading – give me love stories and I’m in heaven – but boy am I glad that I read outside the box and took a chance on this one.

The Medea Complex tells the story of a misunderstood woman named Anne who is committed to a mental institution for killing her son.  The story is told through the eyes of different characters and although I thought that would be confusing, it flowed nicely together and helped get an in depth look at the entire story.
This story showed us just how far some people will go. Not only for what they want but for love.  Love a child, love family, love of a friend.  The twists and turns through out the book had me reading fast because I had to know the truth.  I kept thinking I knew but then another point of view would come up and I’d be right back to square one on what truly happened.
The romance lover in me was routing for a an ending where it was all made up and Edgar, Anne and their son lived happily every after.  Sadly the ending had me shaking my head and just staring at the page saying, really? This story really makes you think……all is not what it seems and people are not who you think they are,  I give this story 4 stars.

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