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aliferedefined This is a heart wrenching novel about a teen girls struggle.  Accused of the death of her brother Rowan learns how to muddle through her life.  Her crush finally notices her but her sociopathic liar of a sister gets in the way and almost ruins everything.  Mike comes through and takes her in and helps her in her struggle.

This being the first in the Rowan Slone series sets up the life of Rowan and all she struggles in her daily life.  Her home life is horrible and Ms. Meyer brings through all the emotions that Slone should feel through her writing.  I love when a book can bring me to tears and lets just say this was a tearful journey.

4 stars for the great plot weaving and story telling.

a life forward Rowan is finally starting to move away from her past and plan her future, whether that has Mike in it or not is the question.  He saved her and loves her but she need to grow into her own person. Deciding about College, helping her best friend through a life changing ordeal is what her life is right now.

A life, Forward is another heart strings puller.  Ms Meyer brings the angst, but gives you hope for the characters involved.  Rowan’s story is one that needs to told. She comes into her own, even if her mother is in prison, her sister is a sociopath and  of her absent father is dead, her confidence in herself shines through at the end.

4 1/2 stars to the lovely Tracy Hewitt Meyer, well done, love.

Excerpt from A Life, Forward

Mike was my savior. He had stood by my side throughout some of the worst moments of my life and had never once judged me. I smiled at the picture as I laid it down on the bed in front of me. For this one moment, my heart released its hold on the loneliness and let a sliver of contentment come in. No matter what, Mike had changed my life. I would still be at home if it weren’t for him, slowly dying under the weight of my family.

I uncapped the pen.

A moment

One moment

Can change everything.

A person

One person

Can be the cause.

A touch

One touch

Can make us whole again.

Somehow, around the third or fourth line, Mike’s image had slipped away and in its place was Shane’s. No matter how hard I started at Mike’s picture, he suddenly seemed like a stranger; a thing of the past. I slammed the journal shut and nearly drowned in my own disbelief.

Scene between Rowan and her boyfriend, Mike Anderson, in A Life, Forward:

My hand itched to swing out and slap his handsome face. But that face wasn’t as handsome as it used to be. It was harder, more angular, more severe. He’d shaved this morning but dark stubble still peeped through. Something had changed in my boyfriend since he left this summer; something that I did not like.

Maybe, though, I had changed, too.

“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I am not your charity chase. Back off, Mike. This is in the past.”

“But how? How is it in the past?” He stared at me a hard moment then blurted, “That’s why you always wear long sleeves. My God, Rowan, you can’t even wear normal clothes.”

If someone threw me into the middle of a tornado, I wouldn’t have felt more frazzled, confused, stirred up. “This is me, Mike. Take it or leave it.” The shakiness in my voice disproved my strong words.

He was silent, eyes focused on my arm. It started to burn under his gaze, and I had to clench my fist to keep from scratching at the dozen lines, from tracing the ugly A.

Sometimes I still wanted to cut but I didn’t.

I. Didn’t. Cut.

My legs were covered in silky light hairs because I refused to hold a razor between my fingers. I’d bent over backward, writing in my journal, studying late into the night, putting more hours in at the shelter, just to occupy my mind.

I didn’t cut anymore.

I didn’t cut anymore.

I don’t cut anymore.

I don’t cut anymore.

“I don’t cut anymore!” A soft knock on the door was the only thing that interrupted my screams.

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