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The action-packed conclusion to the MORE Trilogy is here!

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Ava Michaels is gifted, powerful, and — whether she likes it or not — part of a plot to take over the world.

It’s only been a few months since Ava Michaels discovered she has ties to an ancient people living in the shadows of the human world, despite their superior gifts and abilities. A select few don’t like hiding, however, and think it’s time to take control.

Now Ava’s caught up in a conspiracy in the works before she was even born. In fact, her birth was an integral part of the plan. She’s one of the Twelve, the most powerful Race ever created, and they were created for a purpose.

Turns out, Ava doesn’t like being told what to do.

All she wants is to start a new life with her boyfriend, Caleb Foster, but before they can even think about that, they must join forces with former enemies, seek out some powerful new friends, and figure out what exactly the Twelve, and their power-hungry leader, are up to.

Then, they have to find a way to stop them.

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Twelve (More, #3)


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The Birth of the First Race


The First Race in the MORE Trilogy is a group of people – a society – that’s evolved alongside humans on earth, but are superior to humans in many ways. They’re stronger, smarter, and some have even more amazing abilities.


“You’ve heard the myths,” he said to the tabletop where his fingertip drew absent designs. “The Titans, the Nephilim . . . larger-than-life heroes and villains who fill up your history books. Mythology that’s not so much mythology, if the truth were to be known. We are part of that myth . . . the fairy tales come to life, so to speak.”


-MORE, Chapter 8


The original inspiration for the Race came from the first book of the Bible, Genesis, and a reference to the mysterious creatures known as the Nephilim.


“When men began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose. Then the LORD said, ‘My Spirit will not contend with man forever, for he is mortal; his days will be a hundred and twenty years.’


The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.” – Genesis 6:1-4 (NIV)


Now, there’s a lot of debate over who the Nephilim were – we’re not even sure if they were actually the “sons of God” or perhaps the offspring of the “sons of God” and the “daughters of men.” Some say they were the children of fallen angels and human women. The Nephilim are only mentioned twice in the Bible. The other place is in the book of Numbers, where they are described as giants.


The idea intrigued me – this group of people who were bigger and stronger than normal humans. What if they were superior in other ways as well? What if they were more developed mentally as well as physically, giving them superhuman abilities? The “heroes of old, men of renown” phrase led me to think of similar creatures in myth and legend – the Titans, giants, creatures in fairy tales or even comic books. What if they were merely exaggerations of people who really existed? Members of an ancient race who were a little more than human?


But if these creatures existed, why wouldn’t they be in charge? Well, because they had a moral code, of course – a mission to help humans along in their development. And, because they were fewer in number than the ever-multiplying humans, they were in some danger if they were ever exposed. Everybody knows humans fear what they do not understand, and even a member of a superior race might fear being burned at the stake!


Now, apparently this relationship between the “sons of God” and “daughters of men” was a bad thing, because the next verses in Genesis talk about the wickedness of the human race and God’s decision to wipe it out with the Great Flood. The idea that this relationship was forbidden got me thinking. Why would that be? Well, perhaps it was because their children would be potentially dangerous and unpredictable. Maybe they’d be like the demigods of mythology – human, but with power and strength superior to ordinary mortals, or perhaps even with gifts of their own. But if they didn’t know how to control it or use it properly, they could pose a danger to others, and also a risk of exposure. This is what led to the idea of the Half-Breeds, and why the Race would be so worried about them. And this is what set up Caleb and Ava’s relationship in the MORE Trilogy.


Of course, the Race has more to worry about that Half-Breeds in TWELVE. A new enemy poses an even greater threat – not only to them, but to the entire world. And Caleb and Ava must forge new allies if they have any hope of victory.


Maybe the’ll even bring some humans along.

About the Author

Author picT.M. Franklin started out her career writing non-fiction in a television newsroom. Graduating with a B.A. in Communications specializing in broadcast journalism and production, she worked for nine years as a major market television news producer, and garnered two regional Emmy Awards, before she resigned to be a full-time mom and part-time freelance writer. Her first published novel, MORE, was born during National Novel Writing month, a challenge to write a novel in thirty days. MORE was well-received, being selected as a finalist in the 2013 Kindle Book Review Best Indie Book Awards, as well as winning the Suspense/Thriller division of the Blogger Book Fair Reader’s Choice Awards.


In addition to MORE and its sequel, The Guardians, Franklin penned the Amazon best-selling short stories A Piece of Cake and Window, which also won a Blogger Book Fair Reader’s Choice Award for Short Story/Fantasy. Her new YA romance, How to Get Ainsley Bishop to Fall in Love with You, is Franklin’s first love story without a paranormal or fantasy element, although she believes love is the best kind of magic.


TWELVE, the final installment in the MORE Trilogy will be released October 9, 2014.


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