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He is here… and he could be anyone.

Kennedy Waters lives in a world where vengeance spirits kill, ghosts keep secrets, and a demon walks among us–a demon she accidentally set free.

Now Kennedy and the other Legion members–Alara, Priest, Lukas, and Jared–have to hunt him down. As they learn more about the history of the Legion and the Illuminati, Kennedy realizes that the greatest mystery of all does not belong to any secret order, but to her own family. With the clock ticking and the life of someone she loves hanging in the balance, Kennedy has to ask the question she fears most: what is it about her past that has left her Unmarked?






Kami’s Guest Post-Her Top Disaster Movies


When it comes to disaster movies, the more outrageous and unrealistic, the better. Here are the best, and the best of the worst (which for me is pretty much the same thing):


  1. The Day After Tomorrow


It doesn’t get much bigger than a gigantic tidal wave taking out New York City and the Statue of Liberty—unless you count the rogue tornadoes tearing up LA and the Hollywood sign. The Day After Tomorrow is so outrageous you can’t look away.


  1. Volcano


There’s nothing like Tommy Lee Jones using a school bus and k-rails to block a sea of lava flowing down Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. But I’ll admit, I’ve probably seen this one at least ten times.


  1. Dante’s Peak


It’s not quite as impressive as Volcano, but Pierce Brosnan faces a volcanic eruption of his own in this heroic, but ridiculous disaster flick. Personally, my favorite part is when the heroine’s grandmother steps into a lake of lava and drags her grandson to safety in a small boat while her legs are melting. If you know anything about science, you might not want to watch this one.


  1. Twister


Twister is the reason I refer to tornadoes as “the Finger of God.” There’s no bubbling lava, but there is a flying cow, and our heroes also manage to dodge an enormous semi flying right at their pickup truck.


  1. Rattled


One of the dangers of building a new community is always the possibility of disturbing a horde of rattlesnakes living in a nearby mineshaft. This is exactly the situation a family faces in Rattled. The climax is when one of the guys has to climb into the shaft where the angry rattlesnakes are sleeping to plant the dynamite they use to blow the snakes up.


  1. Armageddon


Everyone knows that eventually Bruce Willis will actually save the world. But until then, you can watch him save it with Ben Affleck, Owen Wilson, Michael Clarke Duncan, and Steve Buscemi. The premise is genius: a meteor is hurtling toward earth, and the only way we can save our planet is—as Billy Bob Thornton demonstrates at NASA—if we can break the meteor into small pieces before it reaches Earth. So who do you call when you need to break up a big rock? Roughnecks—a.k.a. deep-core drillers. I watched this one again the other day, and it’s just as good the twelfth time.


  1. The Swarm


When killer bees in South America start breeding with normal bees from North America, you have a serious problem. Michael Caine is the etymologist on the scene who figures out what’s really going on—and of course, the military is to blame for upsetting the natural balance that has resulted in…the swarm.


  1. Sharknado


No disaster film list would be complete without Syfy’s masterpiece, Sharknado. The fact that Ian Zeiring from Beverly Hills 90210 is our hero should be reason enough to include Sharknado on the list. Waterspouts blast sharks out of the ocean, flooding the city of—you guessed it—the city of LA with man-eaters. In the event that you have to deal with this scenario, find a helicopter and drop bombs directly into the sharks’ mouths and blow them up. Warning: There is a sequel.


Shannon will review Unmarked on our Mid October Podcast, which can be found here when it is released!




Kami Garcia is the #1 New York Times bestselling coauthor of the Beautiful Creatures and DANGEROUS CREATURES & the author of the instant New York Times bestseller and Bram Stoker Award nominated novel UNBREAKABLE, and the sequel UNMARKED, in the Legion Series.

Kami is fascinated by the paranormal, and she’s very superstitious. When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found watching disaster movies or Supernatural, listening to Soundgarden, or drinking Diet Coke. She lives in Maryland with her family, and their dogs Spike and Oz (named after characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Learn more about Kami and her books at & and follow her on Twitter: @kamigarcia.



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