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You all know my love for Melanie Moreland’s work and I absolutely loved The Contract. The author, herself, warned me the main character was an asshole and lived up to his name, which happens to be Richard, and we all know what nickname comes from Richard.  Well I loved him!!!!


Richard Van Ryan cares about no-one but himself, everything he does he does it for personal gain or satisfaction.  He treats his co-workers with disdain.  Katharine Elliot is Dick’s PA.  She takes everything he dishes out, does every task he assigns her perfectly.  She loathes him and his loose morals but puts up with him because she needs this job.

Richard gets looked over for a partnership in his firm and decides to look to his company’s competitor for a job. His competitor has different goals for their employees, so to fit in with them he needs to changes his ways and even though he detests Katharine he thinks she is perfect to help him change his image.

Melanie, portrays Richard so well you start to despise him yourself at the beginning of the book but you know there is something there that is redeemable. He is a bad boy and you know how I feel about bad boys that can change.  She brings his discoveries and hardships to life through her words and makes you understand why he is they way he is.  Melanie also makes you realize how strong willed and determined Katharine is, she has lived through challenges and persevered through them all and she takes the roll she now needs to play with grace and determination.  You find yourself encouraging these characters and yelling at them at the same time.




Here is an excerpt, Melanie says it is one of her favorites:

I picked up the remote and hit play, changing the music until a low, gentle melody hummed through the speakers. “Dance with me. Get used to how it feels to be close to me.” I held out my hand, saying the one word I never used with her until the past few days. “Please.” She let me drag her to her feet and awkwardly she moved closer. With a sigh, I wound my arm around her waist, tugged her close, and breathed in the scent of her hair wafting up into the air. We began moving, and I was surprised how natural it felt. Far smaller than the women I was used to, she barely met my shoulders; her head fit under my chin. She seemed slight and fragile in my arms, yet she molded against my body well. After a few minutes, she lost the stiffness in her shoulders, letting me lead her around the room effortlessly. She was unexpectedly graceful as she moved, given how often I had watched her trip on her own feet. A voice spoke in my head, whispering maybe what she needed all along was someone to hold her up, rather than tear her down. That brought me up short, and I jerked back, staring down at her. She blinked up at me, filled with trepidation, and I realized she was expecting some sort of nasty remark. Instead, I cupped her cheek, and her eyes grew wider. “What are you doing?”

“Kissing you.”




Melanie Moreland is one of my favorite writers and if you haven’t checkout her other books you should, they make you laugh, cry, scream, hate and love.  Please check out her other works on Amazon:

Into the Storm - Melanie Moreland

Beneath the Scars-ebook (1)



A received an advanced copy of The Contract for an honest review

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