Review-The Debt by Tyler King


So I read this book, yes the one who’s lovely, gorgeous cover is right there and it wrecked me, made me cry, made me laugh, made me hope, and made me bask in the glory of my imagination of tattooed men with so, so many troubles.  I am an angst girl, give me angst and I wallow in it and come out better for it.

I usually don’t “write” reviews, Kim and I usually talk about them on the monthly podcast but since we just recorded yesterday and I just finished this book this morning, I thought that I would put my thoughts down, before I forgot them.  I fell in love with this emotional book long before it was published, I fell in love with the way the author pulled every emotional feeling out of me with her words.  In no way did I go through anything like Hadley and Josh did but when I first read these words I was riddled with anxiety and  going through a bought of serious depression so I could relate somewhat to the feelings they were going through.  During this time, reading became my solace, my safe place, my escape from the everyday.  This book along with others pulled me above the surface, let me breathe, and made me realize that we can get up everyday, we can function, and live our lives.  Ok so enough with the emotional stuff.

I was so excited when Tyler announced she was publishing The Debt, I was giddy!  Not just for my love of tattooed men, but that I would be able to tell others about this amazing, at least to me, writer.  So here I am telling you to go read this book!!! Right now, or rather when it is released on May 10th.  I am not going to tell you the story line, I will just put the summary down below this soliloquy of babbling I just put you through.  I want you to read it on your own and come to your own discovery of these characters. I will talk about it during our June Podcast though, so stay tuned.


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Summary for The Debt

Hadley’s my best friend. We share a house, our friends, a life. She knows all my secrets . . . except one. My desperate need for her is inked on my body, it’s the best I can do. But Hadley needs to hear the words . . .

Growing up as foster kids, Hadley made me feel whole-sane. And what did I do? I destroyed our chance to be together. I ran out on Hadley when I should have stayed, and something broke between us. Now I’ll do anything to fix it.

I’ll never leave her again. I won’t ever let her feel afraid again. But the more I try to protect her from my pain, the more I just make things worse. I’m terrified that if I tell her everything, she’ll never forgive me. I’m even more terrified that it may be too late to make her mine. I have to try to give her what she needs . . . it’s a debt I’m determined to repay.

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I received an Advanced Reader Copy of The Debt from the Author in return for an honest review

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