Review Policy


Books and audiobooks that we review on this website are typically given to us for free in exchange for an honest review. The reviews and discussions on our podcast have been chosen at our discretion but also may have been given to us  in exchange for free for an honest review.

Genres we review-

YA-paranormal, fantasy, dystopian, romance, sci-fi, contemporary romance

NA-Romance, Romance-Contemporary, fantasy, dystopian, sci-fi

We will consider all books that are submitted to us from major publishers, independent publishers and self published.

MLL will only post reviews that we would rate a 3 or above. We love books. We do not trash books therefore we do not want to discredit authors, publishers or publicists by posting a less than 3 rated review or a review that “bashes” a book or an author.  We reserve the right to refuse to review books as all books are not a good fit for every person.

Reviews will be published on this site and possibly on Goodreads and/or Amazon.  There will be links on social media sites pointing to the reviews on this website.

Amazon links on this site are through MLL’s Amazon affiliate.

If you are an author, publisher or publicist and would like us to consider a book for review please email Shannon@mysticallitlounge.com for ebook or print and kim@mysticallitlounge.com for Audiobooks. If you would like to send us a print copy of a book please contact us via email and we will supply a mailing address.


*If a book is sent to us unsolicited we will decide IF we have time and are willing to review, please don’t expect a review as we are not accepting requests at this time.*


Giveaway Policy

All giveaways are held either on our website, Facebook or Google+ Page.

Winners are selected by Rafflecopter or Random.org

Winners are notified by email and are given 72 hours to contact us with mailing instructions. If the winner does not contact us within 72 hours we will pick another winner.

Publishers, Authors or Publicists, if you would like us to host a giveaway please send an email to Kim@mysticallitlounge.com or Shannon@mysticallitlounge.com




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